How Much Fuel Do You Have Left When the Low Fuel Light Comes On?

Close Up of Kia Optima Fuel Gauge Display

How Far Can You Drive with Your Gas Light On?

We have all done it – tempted fate when the low fuel light comes on. You can make it another 25 miles right? Maybe another 50 miles? Next thing you know, you are calling your friend to bring you a full gas can – and you will never hear the end of it. What if we told you, that with some simple math, you can avoid ever running out of gas again? If you have ever asked – how far can you drive with your gas light on – this quick guide will point you in the right direction at Carlisle Motors.

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How To Calculate Driving Distance with the Gas Light On

Fuel Gauge with Needle on EAvoid panic when the low fuel light appears on your dashboard and learn how to calculate your remaining driving distance with the gas light on. With just some simple math, you can get a rough estimate of how far you can drive before you need to make a pit stop. Don’t push the envelope too far – driving on an empty tank can do damage to your fuel pump. Check out how to calculate your driving distance below.

  • When the low fuel light appears, it indicates that you have 10-15 percent of your fuel remaining. We advise that your use the lower end of this estimation to stay on the safe side.
  • Check your owner’s manual to see how large your fuel tank is. Take the size of your fuel tank and take 10 percent of that number. For example, if your fuel tank holds 13 gallons, this calculation means you have 1.3 gallons of fuel in reserve.
  • For the next step, you will want to take this number and multiply it by the combined mpg fuel-economy rating of your vehicle. Using this math and method, if your vehicle makes 29 mpg combined, you would have 37.7 miles of driving left when the gas light is on.

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Are you always worried about running out of fuel when the gas light comes on? Gain a little peace of mind and learn how to calculate driving distance with the low fuel light on. If you have ever asked – how far can you drive with the gas light on – this step-by-step guide will point you in the right direction. Are you looking for a new-to-you car, truck or crossover in the Lubbock area? Visit the Carlisle Motors inventory and find your dream car today!

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