Top 3 car games for kids!

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Best road trip games for long car rides

If you’re about to head out on a long road trip with your family, chances are that you’ve prepared an abundance of snacks and entertainment. While that may be the case, there are times when the entertainment runs out and you have to improvise. You could go with the regular, old game of I Spy, but why not try to spicshe se things up a bit? If you’re curious what some of the best road trip games for long (or short) car rides are, read on. We have a few suggestions we’re sure you’ll love!

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Top 3 road trip games for car rides

  1. Kids in back seat of Volkswagen modelTwenty Questions. This game is a bit old school, but it can be fun and keep everyone invested for a long period of time. Whoever goes first things of a noun (person, place or thing), then the rest of the car asks questions to try and solve the mystery (in only 20 questions)! It’s easy and doesn’t require any physical cards or messes to play. Play this game if you’re in a vehicle like the Ford Escape.
  1. Geography! If you’re into making the youngins think, Geography is a good game to play. The first player will have to name either a country, city or state (easiest with cities and states for younger kids), and the next has to think of another that ends in the last letter of the one the first player chose (it also should be in the same category). For instance, if you’re playing with cities and the first person says Los Angeles, the next person could name Seattle. Play in a vehicle that can only fit a few people, like a Toyota Avalon.
  1. The Picnic Game. This one can get a bit goofy, but that’s the fun of it. The idea is simple: start with the letter A and each person has to pick something to bring to the picnic that starts with whatever letter comes next. Some of these can get challenging! Play this game in a vehicle that’s quieter, like the Lexus RX.

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